Sunday, March 14, 2010

Inklings: Welcome Scots

Welcome to the newly designed Shorecrest Library homepage, the virtual center of your universe! Take a minute to look around the site and get comfortable with where things are now located and what new features you might want to use. The goals for this page are:
  1. to help you find information and resources that will support your classes, 
  2. to let you know about some great books, and 
  3. to maybe spark your interest in some things you’ve never thought of or commented on before. 
A portion of the page will display my blog, “Inklings”. I have lots to say and share about reading and about doing research. I have been reading enthusiastically all of my life (well, that’s not quite true…I got off to a very slow start but I’ll talk about that later.) I think the blog will give me an efficient way to reach more of you with great book suggestions as well as great tips about using technology and finding information. And, of course, I’ll probably have to add some of my own ramblings to the mix.

Reading my blog posts, I know, will be the highlight of your day, but once you’ve done that you may want to look for a book in our library. The search box for the SC library collection is labeled “Find a Book @ SC” – clever, eh?! You can search for a title, some keywords from a title if you can’t remember the whole thing, an author’s last name, or a subject. Your list of hits will show you if we have the book and where it is on the shelf, so be sure to look for that information.

Want to reserve the book for yourself? Drop by the library or email Mrs P or Mrs Jordan with your name (very important!!) and the title of the book (also very important!!)

We are always on the lookout for books that students at Shorecrest will enjoy. You are invited to submit a title & author using this blog’s comment feature, by stopping by the library to talk to me in person or use our "submit a book request form". If the book sounds suitable and is available, we’ll add it to our collection.

Along with the book search box, there will also be links to some pertinent resources for you on the right side of the page. I want you to have an easy way to begin using some of the databases that the Shoreline district and Shorecrest provide for you.

There will also be some surprises – guest artists, guest bloggers, and fun features. You all know the SC library can be a very lively place (especially during TAP on Mondays!); I want the library webpage to be an even livelier place that will be useful, efficient, interesting, supportive, and fun.

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