Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Inklings: Library Mascot

Introducing the new Shorecrest library “mascot”! She is powerful, intelligent, versatile, and vigilant. (Also, apparently near-sighted, hence the glasses.) And best of all, she has literary origins.

Author Garth Nix has written a wonderful fantasy trilogy and the second book in the series is titled Lireal. It is in this book that we find the inspiration for our new mascot.

The main character, a young girl named Lireal, does not appear to have ‘The Sight’ which is the ability to see into people’s minds as well as the future. Most of the women in her world gain ‘the sight’ as youngsters, so without this gift, she has little status in her community. She longs to work in the library where she would be useful, out of sight, and have access to secrets. Lireal is granted her wish and assigned to the library as a third assistant; here she meets Vancelle, chief librarian, who possess a luminous, silver-bladed sword — a symbol of her power and the symbol of all that Lireal lacks. Lireal does uncover
some amazing secrets in the library and in turn, discovers she has gifts far beyond even Vancelle. And is this not a librarian’s hope? That all her students will gain knowledge and skills that surpass her own?

The character of Vancelle takes on a new dimension at the hands of former Shorecrest student, Mr. Patrick “Danger” Hartley, who actually drew the original sketch of the 21st Century Librarian. We are indebted to Patrick for this small legacy.

So we have borrowed Nix’s character (and Patrick’s artwork) to have our own 21st Century Librarian who symbolizes the power that libraries give to everyone – the power of information.

Library Staff wearing mascot tee

And this week, I will sign off with the words: Choose to be happy!

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