Thursday, May 5, 2011

SPEAK UP and make the Shorecrest library quiet.

Ever visited the UW library?
Or how about the Shoreline library?
It’s quiet. 
Patrons study, silently use the library’s resources or have short conversations in low tones.

Ever experience this?
I go to the library to study quietly and come in contact with people who are talking. I mean talking not even whispering. It is very frustrating because I get sidetracked very easy.

Help make the Shorecrest library a place where students expect quiet and minimal distractions. (Especially during TAP Intervention.)

Click the comments link and give us your suggestions on how to provide a quiet zone for studying. If your suggestion is appropriate — your name will be entered in a drawing for a FREE print card.


  1. Students apply to use the library during TAP Intervention.
    Or how about assigned seating?
    Start a "Three hushes and you're out" program.

  2. Check out Billy Quan's solution

  3. When it gets loud, kick everyone out.

  4. Make admittance in the library "by invitation only"

  5. don't let in kids that look like wannabe gangsters.

  6. I think people should be quiet at all time.


  7. let us eat food so our mouths will be full and then we wouldn't be able to talk


Please let us know your thoughts.