Friday, September 16, 2011

Character Report Cards?

From the NY Times article "What if the Secret to Success Is Failure?" By Paul Tough:
 “...students who persisted in college were not necessarily the ones who had excelled academically at KIPP; they were the ones with exceptional character strengths, like optimism and persistence and social intelligence. They were the ones who were able to recover from a bad grade and resolve to do better next time; to bounce back from a fight with their parents; to resist the urge to go out to the movies and stay home and study instead; to persuade professors to give them extra help after class.”

Do you think character report cards are a good idea?
KIPP’s New York City schools graduate from school with not only a G.P.A. but also a C.P.A. (character-point average). Do you think it benefits students to know your character strengths and weaknesses? Do you think it could improve your chances of success? Click to see a sample character report card. Tell us how you feel – take the poll on the right.

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