Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Question Box

Poor rural areas in India and Africa are accessing the power of the internet without being computer literate. The solution (a low tech bridge to high tech) will open your mind. Read more at The Christian Science Monitor.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

No, Thank You!

We love thank you notes. And a big thank you back to SC ASB for putting on a staff appreciation sesh.

Friday, February 3, 2012


Last Monday, Jan 30th, author John Green stopped by Third Place Books to read from and sign copies of his latest release, The Fault in Our Stars. His brother, Hank, was with him. The Famous Vlogbrothers!!

I read the book over the weekend; I laughed and cried. It is at once heartbreaking and richly funny. Add in the philosophical threads, Shakespeare’s sonnets (and a quote or two from his plays), Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson’s poetry – what a wonderful read. I have a huge crush on Augustus Waters.

Dystopian and dark stories are currently popular with fiction writers. Green bravely takes one of the most hopeless of situations – teenagers struggling with life-changing and life-ending cancer and looks it square in the eye. We will all die. So how do we manage to live?

Green is not only a great teller of stories but an irrepressible human being. He is fast-talking, witty, warm, intelligent, curious, and genuine. If you take a look at his life and read his books, you will also learn that he had great difficulty making friends during his teen years. Most likely, he was awkward and unsure of himself, totally on the outside looking in. That’s why I want you to take a look at this youtube clip from his presentation at Third Place; listen to the audience, check out their response to him – 800 people from all over who wanted to connect with this amazing guy (well, two amazing guys actually). Watch the video and then repeat after me: “There is life after high school and it looks pretty-darn fun!”

How It Felt Is the video not playing? Click here.