Monday, March 26, 2012

My Favorite Character is...
  • Katniss because of her willingness to make difficult choices for her family. ~ A
  • Peeta because of his undying love for Katniss and his determination to remain himself in the games. ~ R
  • Gale because he's hardworking, likable, trustworthy, supportive. ~ J
  • Rue because she is smart, survives for a short period of time) against all odds, saves Katniss' life, and know what plants to eat. I would really like to see the movie. ~ D
  • Haymitch because he is the kind of person who acts like he doesn't care, but he does. Every good book/movie needs a loving drunk. ~ C
  • Cinna because he is supportive of Katniss. He is from the Capitol, but he still is against it, and does not believe in the Games. This shows that there is more than black & white to each cause. ~ R
  • Peeta because he care about Katniss and protects her with his life. He also gave her the bread when she was starving. He has good character development. ~ A.
  • Peeta because, even though I've only read the first two books, his undying love for Katniss and his incredible loyalty capture my heart. Plus I have the hugest crush on him. ~ A
  • MockingJay because once I got hooked on the first book The Hunger Games, I read Catching Fire and MockingJay within three days. I cried so hard on the last book. I got to the end of the series and was like “what do I do with my life now.” This book had so much going on; my Favorite part was when Katniss found buttercup. I have no clue why but it put a huge smile on my face. This series of books is like my bible. ~ G.
  • Finnick because he is the kind of person who is very different on the outside than on the inside. He is a pretty boy who everyone dotes on, but underneath he is in love with a normal girl from the district. He also has very good character development. ~ A.
  • Katniss because she is strong, and very good at archery. I always wanted to learn archery. ~ E
  • Haymitch because you have to love him. He may often be drunk but you can’t help but feel attached to him. ~ Z.
  • Katniss because she is exactly who I want to be. Katniss is brave, strong, funny, and a great older sister. She can survive on her own and isn’t afraid to be who she is. I want to be able to be just as caring as she is to be her little sister and be strong enough to do anything for her. I find many similar qualities in Katniss and myself and look up to her. She is my strength and guidance and my favorite character. ~ C.
  • Katniss because she is a fantastic image of an independent woman. She doesn’t need a guy to win the games for her. She still shows fears, but conquers them. She is a great role model! ~ O.
  • Haymitch because he is always drunk and I like how they always make fun of him. He is just all around hilarious. And, he is a good trainer. ~ B.
  • Katniss because she was so brave to take her sister, Primrose's place during the reaping. She had to be the responsible one ever since her father died. Katniss loves her sister and would do anything to protect her. She's my favorite character because she's a strong person and a champion, a champion of the games and to her sister. ~ J
  • Finnick because he's funny and nice. At the beginning you think that he's selfish and self-centered but then you realize that he actually cares about everybody else. ~ T
  • Katniss because she is the main character and when I read the book I got more personality out of her, and she is a GREAT fighter with her bow and arrows. ~ T
  • Haymitch because although he seems like a shallow person, he has a great heart because he helps Katniss through the games by giving them strategies and insights. I also enjoy Haymitch because he brings humor to the story. ~ S
  • Finnick because he is in the water/fishing district and I like that district. Also I like how in the 2nd book he is sort of cocky, but in the 3rd book he gets really nice and helps Katniss from going insane. ~ A
  • Katniss because of her capacity to love others. When Prim's name is called in the reaping she didn't think twice before volunteering to take her place, and when Peeta was sick in the arena she nursed him back to health knowing they both couldn't make it out alive and when they were the only two tributes left, she was prepared to die for him. ~ K
  • Finnick because he's really cool for someone who has won the hunger games before... and he has a triton! Awesome harpooning skills!! ~ J
  • Katniss because she isn't a "perfect" hero. She is a hero who is able to connect with the readers. She also fights for not just herself but for others. ~ N
  • Haymitch because he is funny and quirky, but is always there for Katniss and Peeta, and he is very mysterious. In the book they never really explain him, he is a mystery, which I find compelling. ~ M
  • Katniss because I think I can relate to her, if I put myself in her shoes I would volunteer myself for my sister. I also think she is strong, smart and loves to save the people she loves. ~ S
  • All of them because they were well throughout and so compelling for any reader! ~ S
  • Peeta because he is fantastic at survival. I love that even though he was dying he'd rather suffer tan put Katniss in danger. ~ J
  • Peeta because he is quiet and very thoughtful. He is strong at body and heart. I like his character the most -- he isn't arrogant. My favorite part of his character during the whole trilogy would be the part at the end of the first book where he and Katniss both decided to eat the berries. I thought that was really brave of him. ~ F
  • Gale because he is the person who is behind Katniss the whole time and he remains faithful. ~ E
  • Katniss because she is such a strong character who know how to fight and what to fight for. She is willing to be a victim of the Hunger Games herself rather than watch her sister fight for survival. When Katniss makes a decision, she doesn't falter and follows through. The kind of person she is is truly inspirational. Out of all the contestants, I truly believe she deserves a happy ending. She changes in the competition and sees what kind of world they are living in. She also cares for the other competitors and even attempts to help them, she wants to make it out alive but she hates the fact that everyone else has to die in order for tat to happen. ~ E
  • Finnick because he is awesome and funny and I with he hadn't died. I love his trident! ~ C
  • Peeta because he is caring and is supportive. He stays true to what he believes in and never gives up! ~ A
  • Katniss because she cares a lot about her family and has a lot of courage because she volunteered to replace her younger sister in the Hunger Games. ~ Y
  • Peeta because he bakes bread and is so kind to Katniss. ~ S
  • Katniss because she is a strong female character throughout the series. Her strong will and determination are inspiring. In addition, I respect her desire to do what's best for her family & Prim. ~ A
  • Peeta because he is somewhat strange but would do anything for Kat and their relationship. I love how Kat's character didn't end up with Gabe the "hotter" one but with the awkward Pita. ~ D
  • Peeta because he is very sweet and nice. I also love the fact that when he was 5 years old he had a crush on Katniss, and to the very end of the book, he is ready to do anything to protect her. I really enjoyed reading the book and I really can't wait to see the movie. ~ M
  • Peeta because his soul is pure. ~ T
  • Peeta because he represents the goodness of humanity & he is pure. His love burns like 10,000 suns. ~ S
  • Gale because he's kind & understanding. (I think he's much better than Peeta) ~ R
  • Katniss because she isn't one of those female characters who in the face of adversity cries about it and became the "damsel in distress"/ She remains strong and fights her heart out even if it means it could lead to her death. ~ L
  • Katniss because I can relate to the character. ~ I
  • Buttercups because it is an awesome cat with an attitude! ~ I
  • Rue because she's young and symbolizes the underdog. Also because she is very intelligent. ~ A
  • Rue because she definitely symbolized human innocence to me and oh gosh I cried so hard when she died because, oh gosh, Rue. ~ H
  • Foxface because she is the trickiest character and entertaining to listen to her being described. ~ C
  • Cinna because he is full of character and helps give Katniss and Peeta a good reputation with amazing costumes. ~ L
  • Rue because she is small & young, but fierce and clever. She outwits others by using her natural skills. ~ M
  • Peeta because he loves Katniss despite her flaws. ~ E
  • Katniss because she has strength of character and yet has a compassionate side. ~ D
  • Katniss because she is fearless & strong, who will do anything for her family to survive. ~ B
  • Peeta because he is so caring and compassionate yet very bold like when he confesses his love and Katniss' "pregnancy". He is bold and loving, a perfect boyfriend! ~ S
  • Katniss because she has a certain aura to her that exhibits strength yet carefulness. Katniss is ready to survive but she wants to keep others alive as well. ~ C
Congratulations to the winners, Yuan, Asma & Liba.

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