Monday, April 16, 2012

Book page + Computer screen = Revealed poetry

Did you ever use lemon juice to write an invisible note?  Or decode messages using a mirror?  What if a book can only be read when placed in front of a webcam? That is the revolutionary reading experience provided by Between Page and Screen. This book is a collaboration between poet and book artist Amaranth Borsuk and programmer Brad Bouse.
Properly situating the book in front of your computer’s webcam takes a bit of practice but once you get the hang of it the pun-rich missives between P and S are unleashed. Certain entries initially show up on the screen as if you are reading them in a mirror, and it takes some maneuvering to arrive at that aha moment when you realize you just need to turn the page around to invert the text. Soon enough, the reading experience pulls you in like any other. Word-play animations splice up the word “hear” into “he” and “ear.” The letters between P and S speak to the project’s larger themes, making assertions like “page don’t cage me in” and “a screen is a shield, but also a veil,” asking questions like “What are boundaries anyway?” from

Try it now.

Use this link to print a preview marker & then click here to test it out. Any computer with a webcam can view Between Page and Screen.

Read & learn more about this amazing book at or

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