Monday, April 2, 2012

"The Snowy Day" still unusual 50 years later

Shorecrest is not the only one celebrating a 50 year anniversary.
Peter’s wondrous day full of snow angels and snowballs is something so many children can relate to. ...made in the midst of the Civil Rights movement, Keats’s book became the first full-color, mainstream picture book to feature a black boy as the main character.

“He made the hero black, because he was there,” ... It wasn’t anything really more complicated than that.”

...this is a great story. It’s not that we’re all equal, it’s not that we’re all the same. We just are.

A book like 'Snowy Day' with an African-American protagonist would still be unusual 50 years later. ...The problem is not a decrease in demand... The problem now stems more from a business, rather than sociological, perspective.

“It used to be that schools and libraries were a bigger force, but with cuts to funding, they don’t have the buying power they had 20 years ago,” Horning said. “The influence is on what will sell in the bookstore. And that can have an impact on what gets published.”
Read more. From The Christian Science Monitor, by Meredith Bennett-Smith 

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