Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I adore words, but let's face it: books suck.

The provocative statement above is from Jeff Atwood's blog entry Books: Bits vs. Atoms. Read Jeff's entire entry to see why he thinks eBooks might be destined to eventually suffer the same fate as the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Below is Jeff's comparison list of cons. Do you agree? Let us know by sending us a comment.
Printed Books...
Are heavy.
Take up too much space.
Have to be printed.
Have to be carried in inventory.
Have to be shipped in trucks and planes.
Aren't always available at a library.
May have to be purchased at a bookstore.
Are difficult to find.
Are difficult to search within.
Can go out of print entirely.
Are too expensive.
Are not interactive.
Cannot be updated for errors and addendums.
Are often copyrighted.
Always require a reading device.
Cannot be loaned to friends.
Cannot be resold to others.
Cannot be donated to libraries.
May be encumbered with copy protection.
May be in a format your reader cannot understand.
May refuse to load for any reason the publisher deems necessary.
May have incomplete or broken or obsolete layout.
May have low-resolution bitmapped images that are inferior to print.
May be a substantially worse reading experience than print except on very high resolution reading devices.

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