Monday, May 7, 2012

Looking for CQ Researcher?

Wondering where in the heck the eLibrary link went? The Shorecrest databases have moved to a new neighborhood, effective May 7, 2012. Our new service, VIA, allows all of you to use our databases and ebooks with just a single login and password.

See the rainbow flower over there on the right? Click on it, enter the new Login and Password, and you will have access to all the databases and eResources. So cool! Just ONE login and ONE password for everything.

(Wondering what the that login and password are? They are not a secret. Ask Mrs P, Mrs Jordan or Mrs Cho. Look around the library. Check with one of your teachers. Quiz Mr Hegarty or Ms Queen.)

And the Center of Your Virtual Universe (i.e., the Shorecrest Library Page) just keeps on getting better and better. C'est la VIA !

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