Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Is there a student-loan crisis?

This month, college-admission letters are being accompanied by national anxiety over the growing “student-debt crisis.” The cost of college has spiked 150 percent since 1995, compared with a 50 percent increase in the cost of other goods and services. Last year, outstanding student loans soared to nearly $1 trillion—a 300 percent jump since 2003. College is an undeniably risky investment, seemingly more so than ever. But are rising debt levels a national crisis? The Atlantic

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Photo: Scott Dalton for The New York Times 

Click here for a clip of the "Biblioburro" in action. (Full YouTube video available here.)
Luis Soriano, of La Gloria, Colombia, created the "Biblioburro"...
"I started out with 70 books, and now I have a collection of more than 4,800," said Mr. Soriano. This began as a necessity; then it became an obligation; and after that a custom. "Now," he said, "it's an institution."
For more information, visit Ayoka and The New York Times article.