Thursday, June 19, 2014

Read this summer! Is no gonna break yo head!

Check out our new ebooks & audiobooks link above ^. You’ll need 2 things: a mobile device or computer and an Internet connection. Follow the directions on our ebook page for setting up your accounts. We recommend you download the ebook once you’ve checked it out so that you can continue to read it on your device wherever you are.

Go to the Shoreline Public Library or to Lake Forest Park Library; introduce yourselves to Mr Orsillo (@ Shoreline) or Ms Storms (@ LFP) – both are librarians extraordinaire and will have lots of great books to recommend. OR

Wondering what to read?
If you have a favorite author, go to literature map to find other authors who might also appeal to you. OR

Click on one of these links for titles to consider
American Library Association’s Top Ten Books for Teens 2014
Outstanding Books for the College Bound
2015 Evergreen Award nominees (titles now out in paperback for this state award)
Booklist Editors’ Choice for Young Adults

Most importantly: just read! Read anything, turn those pages, swipe those screens, lose yourself in another world, meet people you’d never run into anywhere else.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Return your library books.

All books due on Friday the 13th.