Friday, November 21, 2014

Art & Books Unite

"We embrace the digital but we all still love books and the book hive is a wonderful blend of art and engineering, reminding us of the intrinsic beauty and love affair we have with books as tangible items." 

Book Hive Teaser Trailer from Adam Laity on Vimeo.
Hundreds of old books have been turned into an animatronic honeycomb hive sculpture which will interact with lenders at Bristol Central Library.
The hive is made up of hexagonal frames with movement sensors that react as people walk past, making the pages of the books rustle and creak. The BBC

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Richard McGuire's innovative 36-panel 1989 comic Here, depicts one location over centuries.

Mr. McGuire, now 56, mostly sat out the graphic-novel boom that followed, instead turning his attention to designing toys, covers for The New Yorker, animated films and children’s books. But now he has popped up through a wormhole of his own, with a full-color, book-length version of “Here” that once again transforms a corner of his childhood living room in New Jersey into a staging ground for all of earthly history.
The work will be published next month as both a hardcover book and an e-book. The e-book reshuffles the non-linear book further and creates new combinations of panels, making new connections. 
The Atlantic
Each two-page spread features a fixed view of the room in a certain year, with pop-up windows giving glimpses of what might have been visible in exactly that spot at various moments in the past and future: from the tail of a passing dinosaur to a 1960s children’s birthday party to a quiet late-21st-century fireside chat. NY Times

Friday, November 14, 2014

Treasures from Scanning Books

Many critics of the Internet have bemoaned what ebooks will do to our reading experience, but if anything, the pervasiveness of pristine digital copies only makes encounters with yesterday's readers more meaningful—like discovering a message in a bottle.
For Krissy Wilson it's found art and she has turned it into a Tumblr project, The Art Of Google Books

Monday, November 10, 2014

A Book Box

A new use for an old favorite book. Looks artsy, but is it practical?
‘a book box’ presents the beloved, yet long-not-read, book mounted to the wall. Framed and exhibited, it is presented with a new functionality. Opened, the book covers the contents inside. Closing the book opens the box. The book turns into a trap door that reveals a storage area or secret compartment.
If interest in the book remains it is very easy to take the contraption of the wall and read the book, inside the box.