Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Richard McGuire's innovative 36-panel 1989 comic Here, depicts one location over centuries.

Mr. McGuire, now 56, mostly sat out the graphic-novel boom that followed, instead turning his attention to designing toys, covers for The New Yorker, animated films and children’s books. But now he has popped up through a wormhole of his own, with a full-color, book-length version of “Here” that once again transforms a corner of his childhood living room in New Jersey into a staging ground for all of earthly history.
The work will be published next month as both a hardcover book and an e-book. The e-book reshuffles the non-linear book further and creates new combinations of panels, making new connections. 
The Atlantic
Each two-page spread features a fixed view of the room in a certain year, with pop-up windows giving glimpses of what might have been visible in exactly that spot at various moments in the past and future: from the tail of a passing dinosaur to a 1960s children’s birthday party to a quiet late-21st-century fireside chat. NY Times

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