Friday, June 5, 2015

Monday, June 1, 2015

Elizabeth George is coming to the Shorecrest library on June 2nd, during 4th period. She will be talking about her latest book, The Edge of the Shadows, the third in her popular young adult mystery series. Set on our own Whidbey Island, the books (The Edge of Nowhere and The Edge of Water) follow the extraordinary events of Becca King’s life. Becca’s actual name is Hannah Armstrong but she has left her name and her identity far behind as she seeks to escape encountering her murderous step-father. Becca does bring along her nascent ability to hear what people are thinking and learn their secrets along with their fears. The series is great mystery, great romance, and great suspense.

In addition, Ms George can proudly claim a large body of work that includes her best-selling adult mystery series based on British Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley and his partner Barbara Havers. Intricate, suspenseful, and carefully constructed, these novels have developed devoted fans worldwide.