Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Free and Fabulous

Images found using the search word "Scotland"

The NYC Library has just made over 180,000 digital images available for you to download and use. Plus you can explore using a super fun visualization tool that will group images by Century Created, Genre, Collection, and COLOR!
The [NYC] library plans to offer Remix Residencies, which will provide financial support for projects using the public-domain materials. NYPL Labs staff members also spent the weeks before the holidays creating quick-and-dirty demonstration projects, which, like Mansion Maniac, are being posted along with the release. 
NYPL Labs, started in 2011, has been known for experimental projects aimed at spurring users’ own tweaks and remixes. One scholar used its What’s on the Menu? project, which enlisted library users to transcribe its collection of 45,000 New York City restaurant menus, to create a new “data curation” of the collection. An engineer at Google has created a Google Cardboard application for its Stereogranimator, a program designed to mimic the proto-3-D effects of old-fashioned stereogram viewers.  
From NY Times 

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