Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Take a Learning Myths Quiz

This blog post has some pretty useful information. So print it out; get out your highlighter and take off the cap.

Ready? Now throw it away, because highlighters don't really help people learn.
Got a minute? Go to NPR and take their learning myths quiz. You might be surprised and learn more effective studying techniques. Image from Boston Globe

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Taking the leap to self publishing.

Teens Can Write, Too! Founded in September 2011, Teens Can Write, Too! (TCWT) is a blog dedicated to supporting and encouraging teen writers. As of August 2015, TCWT has officially closed down. Still, they have four years of archives behind them, and will be useful to any newcomers.

ePublishing + school classes In some high school classes, teens are becoming published authors through self-publishing projects. Smashwords working with Los Gatos (CA) Public Library and Los Gatos High School published an electronic poetry anthology. Physics and engineering teacher Bryan Holmes has been advising a handful of students this year on a self-publishing project at Ridgefield High School in Connecticut. U.S.News

Open Call for Young Adult Short Story Submissions Wanted: short stories for realistic teen fiction anthology, On The Edge of Tomorrow. Submissions open through April 30, 2017. All short stories should be a minimum of 1,500 words and a maximum of 7,500 words. For a complete list of guidelines, including manuscript submission guidelines, please visit and click on 2017 Anthology Submissions.