Thursday, September 20, 2018

We are more than books.

Many Shorecrest hands worked on this jigsaw puzzle. These three finished it up! And now a new one is started. Stop by and enjoy being puzzled.
Here's a gift idea for the supercharged puzzle lover — Clemens Habitat's "1000 Changing Colors" puzzle in which each individual tile has two distinct color states. The constantly shifting colors effectively confuse the identity of each tile, each piece reveals and hides itself constantly until locked into place.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Patrons Can Check Out Neckties From The New York Public Library. Libraries Are Awesome!

Once upon a time, pubic libraries’ circulating collections were limited to books and other printed materials.
Then audio recordings and movies entered into the mix.
Board games…
There's a library in Ohio that lets its patrons check out guitars.
And now, New York Public Library cardholders can borrow a necktie, briefcase, or businesslike purse for a one-time, three-week lending period
The branch is situated across the street from two high schools, and librarian Thaddeus Krupo told Crain’s New York Business that the program was launched in response to the high number of students taking advantage of the library’s free career resources, such as printed sheets of job interview tips.  Open Culture
And the New York Public Library card gives you free access to 33 NYC museums!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A Tourist Attraction!?

Photo by Nevada Bob
As the story goes, a vagrant wandering the streets of Goldfield, Nevada in 1908 was rummaging through the trash outside the local library, looking for something to eat. The best sustenance he came across was a jar of book paste.

He would have found the paste surprisingly sweet, because in addition to flour and water, it was 60% alum. Unfortunately, the concentration was deadly. Atlas Obscura