Our Mission
The Shorecrest Library Program provides broad access to information and ideas. We teach our students to seek ideas and discover the power of using information to change their world.

Our Philosophy
We want our students to READ. We provide an extensive collection of fiction and nonfiction, offering a balance of classic and contemporary materials. We encourage students to try new genres, recognize their personal tastes, and make reading for pleasure, as well as information, a regular habit. We want our students to be thoughtful, discriminating consumers of the printed word.

We want our students to DISCOVER.
 We surround them with a wide range of ideas through print and online resources. In using a variety of strategies to locate information, our students will gain new insights and perspectives that will strengthen their understanding of differences.

We want our students to THINK.
 Our students learn how to ask questions and search for answers. We teach them to seek a variety of sources while evaluating the quality and content of these materials. Shorecrest students learn to organize their research in order to frame their understanding and to effectively share what they have learned.

We want our students to KNOW. Our students need to know that they are in charge of their own education. They need to know that the world of information is ever-expanding and they can acquire the skills to make sense of what they research and learn. Students need to understand the importance of universal access to information and the exchange of ideas in a free society. Our students will also know the lifelong benefits of being public library users.

We want our students to CONNECT.
 Through sharing their views and their discoveries, students form links to others and build communities, an essential factor in human society. We encourage students to draw upon the ideas and information from others to shape their learning, always crediting those who have influenced them. We prepare students for life after high school by giving them the tools to find the answers they will need.