Staff Bios

Mr Andy Berkbigler
I was born in Toppenish in the Yakima Valley in 1967. My most vivid memories from this time are related to living on a peach orchard and playing with my brother and twin sister in my grandparents’ vineyard. This is my fourteenth year at Shorecrest, my twenty-first year teaching, and my first year as our school librarian. In a way, my life as a teacher began even before I was born since there has been at least one person in my family teaching every year since 1902! My twin sister is a 4th grade teacher in Seattle, my wife is a para-educator at Highland Terrace Elementary, and my children are students at Shorewood.

In making the transition from the classroom to the library, I have thought a lot about libraries both old and new. I worked in an art slide library while in college at the U.W., earned my Master of Library and Information Science at the U.W. the year after my daughter was born and a few months before my son was born, and worked as Shorecrest’s part-time librarian from 2004 to 2006. I am looking forward to the newest books and e-books, databases and digital resources that will deepen our understanding of life and transport us to vivid literary realms.

Ms Kathy B Jordan
Born in California, moved to Ohio as a teenager, met and married “Bo” (we went to the same high school) at the young age of 23. My father was civil service for the Air Force, so we moved to different airbases while growing up, resulting in 12 different schools by graduation!

I was an exchange student in England the summer after my junior year; it was such a great experience I decided to move to England & Ireland for my first year out of high school. Going to work as a waitress and saving all of my money made it possible to finance my adventure. My father is first generation American, both of his parents immigrated from Ireland and met and married in California, so getting to live in Ireland and meet my great aunt, great uncle and many cousins was fantastic.

Mr Derrick Kirkwood
Only the best tech Jedi ever!!

Ms Terry Cho
Yes, I have a family connection to Shorecrest
• Volunteered while my first son, Dustin, attended
• Hired while my other son, Max was attending
• Continued while my husband became the attendance dude (now retired)
So since 2000, I have had at least one other Cho with me at SC.
Now I fly solo — oh wait, the SC staff has become family to me!

The three things I like best about myself are my goofiness, my ability to listen, and my creativity. (Um, I sort of stole this from someone else’s bio.) The things I dislike about myself are not being able to remember your name, the Korean accent I picked up from my husband and being a poor speller.

Lynn Franklin
Born and raised in the Seattle area, I can’t imagine living anywhere else but here in Shoreline. Even though I’ve only worked the last 6 years here at Shorecrest, I’ve been part of the Scots’ family since ’95 when my oldest of 3 kids entered as a freshman. I helped write class songs for two consecutive SC Homecomings that won first place for the Class of ’99. I love school spirit – I was my school mascot for two years.

If any of you have taken Chemistry with Mr. Santo Pietro I’m sure you’ve heard the song he has played, “Chemistry, There’s So Much to Know, with Santo Pietro”, as an example of a creative display of vocabulary words. That’s me and my daughter, back in the day. Did you know that I made the Shorecrest quilt in the Junction? I’m quilting all the time, unless I’m playing softball on the co-ed team with all 3 of my kids. There are several SC grads and parents on the team and we are good! Besides quilting (27 yrs), playing softball (38 yrs), and being a mom (31 yrs), I also enjoy being in the church choir, walking with my husband for exercise and going away for long weekend trips. I have two adorable grandchildren a girl & a boy and I'm gaga to be a nana.